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What? No beam sabers? This is the Full Armor Gundam, right?
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> Woohoo!
> The first entry into the Gundam FIX figure line is now out and pictures
> up on the web. As usual, pulls through with a nice scoop.
> Check out their post in the Rumble today for a link to a picture of the
> packaging (think oversized MSiA box with a display tray similar to the one
> used by Kaiyodo for displaying all the parts), and then hit
> for pictures from all the
> It is indeed a full 1/144th scale, loaded with detail, and it looks most
> spectacularly painted. I can't wait to get one, and I hope this line has a
> long and successful future ... mmm ... Zetaplus action figure! Shining
> Gundam action figure!
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