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Sat, 27 Jan 2001 03:51:20 -0800

>The first entry into the Gundam FIX figure line is now out and pictures are
>up on the web. As usual, www.ToyboxDX.com pulls through with a nice scoop.
>Check out their post in the Rumble today for a link to a picture of the
>packaging (think oversized MSiA box with a display tray similar to the one
>used by Kaiyodo for displaying all the parts), and then hit
>http://www.din.or.jp/~ryoushou/anser3.htm for pictures from all the angles.
>It is indeed a full 1/144th scale,

It appeared shorter than the chogokin Zaku II in the scans, so it
should be smaller than 1/144 (the Gundam is taller than the Zaku II,
you can verify that by comparing their chogokin toy or other scale
model counterparts, or go to MechaDomain for hard stats). Since the
FA Gundam is basically the original Gundam with removable armor, it
shouldn't be shorter than the Zaku II if it were indeed 1/144.

>loaded with detail, and it looks most
>spectacularly painted.

Hard to tell... the photos aren't close enough to show the details.

>I can't wait to get one, and I hope this line has a
>long and successful future ... mmm ... Zetaplus action figure! Shining
>Gundam action figure!

Doesn't look too posable...


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