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> the nightingale is so cool. that is probably my fave
> Char's suit of all. the sazabi is cool too, but the
> zaku is a classic...but does that mean that the
> nightingale came before the sazabi? cuz i heard that

the Nightingale is Char's MS in the novelization of Char's Counter Attack
(not side story, a side story is a different story happening during the
events of a main story, say G-Unit is a side story of Gundam Wing since the
events in G-Unit happens during the story of Gundam Wing, although it
happens at a differt place and the events of the two stories isn't tied to
one another)

the Nightingale is a great design in my personal opinion and I wouldn't mind
getting that one in MG or even just HGUC. I also want the Hi-Nu Gundam

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