God of Death (deathscythe26@hotmail.com)
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 04:56:44 -0000

I just finished building it so...

>but the damn arms and hands are still wimpy.

Yes they are. The flap that shows the inside moves a bit too much. And they sometimes droop while holding weapons.

>they now look anorexic, thanks to the bulked up torso

>and legs.

I LOVE THE LEGS!!! I left the armor of the left one so I could show it off in front of my friends.

>weapons aside, the 1.5 is probably not very enticing

>to anyone with the version 1 rx78. i have the g3 and
>the coated version, and i have actually grown to likee
>the old proportions more. at least...the whole thing
>was proportionately anorexic...which gives it a slim
>70's look (complete with bell bottom image!).


Don't have 1 RX-78 and G3. The weapons are awesome but they seem to "hollow" compared to the rest of the mech. Maybe that's just me, it is my first MG.

>sorry richie. but the only thing the 1.5 seems to
>have over the original is the ability to do ridiculous
>poses. :P


But ridiculous poses are cool......

Ahsan Khan

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