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hmm all these talk about vf-1 and yf-whatever. what
about the vf-2!? i thought that design was so cool.
the hell with the yf- whatever. it only looks good in
fighter mode. the vf-1 AND vf-2 look so damn good!!!
especially the gerwalk mode. why don't they make it
with all the removable armors???? esp the vf-2.
--- Edward Ju <> wrote:
> >hmmm...
> >
> >i picked up the yf-19 last year when it was first
> >released. i have to say it sucks ass. everything
> was
> >wrong with it -- flimsy joints, very poor
> poseability,
> >weak material (die cast metal next to weak plastic
> DO
> >NOT GO TOGETHER DAMMIT), bad proportion
> >(surprisingly). worst of all was the jet form,
> where
> >i had to actually saw off the frigging die-cast
> metal
> >tabs on the chest of the battroid form just to have
> it
> >transform into jet (do those people at yamato have
> any
> >idea how difficult it is to do modelling
> modifications
> >on die cast metal???). for the amount of money i
> >forked over (cost more than an MG fazz), i expected
> A
> >LOT BETTER QUALITY toy. fragnabbit. i got
> half-breed
> >metal junk, instead. i only like it because i'm a
> >die-hard macross junkie (er, bad pun). i wrote a
> >scathing review of the damn thing, actually.
> >
> >i guess the only selling point was that it was
> >composed of die-cast metal (which is no big deal
> >actually). in design and playability, the yf-19
> >pales in comparison to the all plastic macross 7
> >valkyries, and the original macross valks. makes
> me
> >wonder what all the previews of the yf-19 were
> >yammering and raving about. what the hell were
> they
> >smoking?
> The prototype that appeared at Toycom's PR events
> (which most reviewers got to see, I suspect)
> contained
> more diecast parts than the commercial release.
> They
> went with more plastic parts for obvious (cost)
> reasons,
> which led to the fiasco of the version 1A recall and
> the 2nd version release. Since you were an early
> adopter, the one you got was definitely a version 1,
> which I also have and had similar problem with
> transforming it into fighter mode. Yours is
> probably
> version 1B, since the 1A would break when
> transformed
> and was recalled immediately upon release.
> >there are version 2's of the yf-19 and yf-21 coming
> >out. mine was certainly version 1. i don't know
> >what version of yf-19 you have.
> He must have the 2nd version. Version 1, believe it
> or
> not, actually commands a much higher price in the
> market
> now simply because it is no longer made even though
> people know it has transformation problems that were
> fixed in the 2nd version. At one point it was
> commanding
> $250 but has come down a lot these day.
> Eddie
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