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Nicholas Paufler wrote:

> I've heard Express has gone down hill over the last little while. What's
> been happening to you has been happening to a _lot_ of people .. go read
> rec.arts.anime.misc sometime.

       Too lazy....... :-)

> I don't deal with them anymore, being in Canada, since the customs fees are
> prohibitively expensive (I get all my anime DVD's from based out
> of Vancouver, for any of the canucks on the list. Very pleased with them),
> but a friend of mine down in the states swears by for
> anime DVD's... he said the shipping was a little higher, but the unit price
> of the DVD's was less, so it all evened out in the end.
> ---

   I'm in Australia, and it's the exchange rates that kill me :-)

   That's one of my problems. Finding companies who ship international.

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