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Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:58:38 -0800 (PST)

--- Nicholas Paufler <> wrote:
> Actually, Garrick, there was an interview with the
> Yamata people (probably
> at Macrossworld) and it was kind of interesting how
> they designed the YF19.
> They sort of misjudged the market. They expected to
> sell it to the model kit
> builders who'd buy it, and wouldn't flinch at having
> to tighten/loosen
> joints and do modifications.

*big stupid grin*

if it wasn't for the aid of a friend and his dremel
tool, i wouldn't have been able to do any sort of
modelling work on the thingamajigger. :P

to a certain extent, i fall into that sort of market.
i'm not afraid of modifying toys or kits to suit my
fancies. but die-cast metal is nigh impossible to do
scale modelling modifications on.

>They very quickly
> realized this wasn't so, and
> hence the much improved version 2 (and from what i'm
> hearing, the version 3,
> with the fastpacks, should be even further
> improved). The first release of
> the YF-21 was quite solid, evidently, but a revision
> is in the works to
> correct any outstanding issues.
> It does kinda suck to buy the first version, but at
> least they are
> addressing the problems... just think of it as
> software.

i suppose so. it just kinda sucks to have to wait out
through all the harmony gold big west legality fiasco,
and then finally get my chomps on it, pay through my
nose...and get a flawed product. *sob* :P

better than nothing though. IS the yf-21?


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