Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 02:14:26 -0800

>i picked up the yf-19 last year when it was first
>released. i have to say it sucks ass. everything was
>wrong with it -- flimsy joints, very poor poseability,
>weak material (die cast metal next to weak plastic DO
>NOT GO TOGETHER DAMMIT), bad proportion
>(surprisingly). worst of all was the jet form, where
>i had to actually saw off the frigging die-cast metal
>tabs on the chest of the battroid form just to have it
>transform into jet (do those people at yamato have any
>idea how difficult it is to do modelling modifications
>on die cast metal???). for the amount of money i
>forked over (cost more than an MG fazz), i expected A
>LOT BETTER QUALITY toy. fragnabbit. i got half-breed
>metal junk, instead. i only like it because i'm a
>die-hard macross junkie (er, bad pun). i wrote a
>scathing review of the damn thing, actually.
>i guess the only selling point was that it was
>composed of die-cast metal (which is no big deal
>actually). in design and playability, the yf-19
>pales in comparison to the all plastic macross 7
>valkyries, and the original macross valks. makes me
>wonder what all the previews of the yf-19 were
>yammering and raving about. what the hell were they

The prototype that appeared at Toycom's PR events
(which most reviewers got to see, I suspect) contained
more diecast parts than the commercial release. They
went with more plastic parts for obvious (cost) reasons,
which led to the fiasco of the version 1A recall and
the 2nd version release. Since you were an early
adopter, the one you got was definitely a version 1,
which I also have and had similar problem with
transforming it into fighter mode. Yours is probably
version 1B, since the 1A would break when transformed
and was recalled immediately upon release.

>there are version 2's of the yf-19 and yf-21 coming
>out. mine was certainly version 1. i don't know
>what version of yf-19 you have.

He must have the 2nd version. Version 1, believe it or
not, actually commands a much higher price in the market
now simply because it is no longer made even though
people know it has transformation problems that were
fixed in the 2nd version. At one point it was commanding
$250 but has come down a lot these day.


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