Paul Fields (
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 01:57:27 -0500

> I came across it on some web-page. I would like to get the gn of it, but
> first I want to ask if the story is any good or not. I don't want to think
> am buying a Char's Counterattack and end up with a G Gundam.

Well did you like 08th MS team, or know about Rise from the Ashes...
Blue Destiny is a 0079 story centered around a GM team, and has a
very 08th MS team feel about it. The mobile suits and other vehicles
are all look very much like 08th MS, so do the characters.

I can't remember if the video game this is based off of was out before
or after the first few episodes of 08th or not...

but its a good story, and I liked it very much... but I'm a 0079 fanatic.


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