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Actually, Garrick, there was an interview with the Yamata people (probably
at Macrossworld) and it was kind of interesting how they designed the YF19.
They sort of misjudged the market. They expected to sell it to the model kit
builders who'd buy it, and wouldn't flinch at having to tighten/loosen
joints and do modifications. They very quickly realized this wasn't so, and
hence the much improved version 2 (and from what i'm hearing, the version 3,
with the fastpacks, should be even further improved). The first release of
the YF-21 was quite solid, evidently, but a revision is in the works to
correct any outstanding issues.
It does kinda suck to buy the first version, but at least they are
addressing the problems... just think of it as software. Nobody should buy
the first release of a program, always wait for the second and the
subsequent bugfixes =)
But ... oohh ... DYRL style VF-1's... I can't wait! Once the fastpack
equipped -19 and -21 come out, though, i'll definately plunk down the
obscene amount of money and import them. If only Whoremony Gold hadn't
stopped TOYCOM I would have had my -19 for a mere 60$cdn (a dozen or so
Alberta macross fans put together a big order from the valkyrie exchange to
get a volume discount and cheaper shipping)......

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> > hmmm... > > i picked up the yf-19 last year when it was first > released. i have to say it sucks ass. everything was > wrong with it -- flimsy joints, very poor poseability, > weak material (die cast metal next to weak plastic DO > NOT GO TOGETHER DAMMIT), bad proportion > (surprisingly). worst of all was the jet form, where > i had to actually saw off the frigging die-cast metal > tabs on the chest of the battroid form just to have it > transform into jet (do those people at yamato have any > idea how difficult it is to do modelling modifications > on die cast metal???). for the amount of money i > forked over (cost more than an MG fazz), i expected A > LOT BETTER QUALITY toy. fragnabbit. i got half-breed > metal junk, instead. i only like it because i'm a > die-hard macross junkie (er, bad pun). i wrote a > scathing review of the damn thing, actually. > > i guess the only selling point was that it was > composed of die-cast metal (which is no big deal > actually). in design and playability, the yf-19 > pales in comparison to the all plastic macross 7 > valkyries, and the original macross valks. makes me > wonder what all the previews of the yf-19 were > yammering and raving about. what the hell were they > smoking? > > there are version 2's of the yf-19 and yf-21 coming > out. mine was certainly version 1. i don't know > what version of yf-19 you have. and i'm not sure what > modifications they made. i'm not holding my breath > for the yf-21 version 1, but i most certainly am > holding my money until the fast pack versions come > out. > > the vf-1 is something to look forward to, though. > but with all these version releases...jeezus, they can > call it dedication to quality improvement, but i call > it butt lousy quality control. > > -garr > > > > > > --- Marcel Tualla <> wrote: > > A friend travelling in Hong Kong just recently > > picked up both the YF-21 & YF-19 Yamoto toys > > for me!!! and man are they SWEEEET!!! > > > > I'll try to write a quick review of them very soon. > > But just quickly they're both really well done. > > Both quit heavy, the YF19 being abit heavier. > > Pretty good detailing for a mass produced toy. > > > > The only thing that's a pain in da but is the actual > > transformation process. The first time round each > > mecha took at least 45 min to transform from the > > battlroid mode the final jet fighter mode. > > > > But none the less beautifully done when in those two > > modes (the geriwalk mode for both are kinda lame). > > The antena on the VF-21 actually broke off in my > > struggle to transform it! But was easily fix with > > some resin glue. So be careful. Besides that > > they are REALLY strudy. > > > > So if your into very "challenging" toys pick these > > babies up. Mine from Hong Kong cost just under > > $90 Canadian each. > > > > Does any one else have these babies? and care to > > comment? > > Oh and apparently they (Yamoto) have anounced the > > plans to maufacture the original VF-1, including > > the strike version. yaaaaaaaa!!!! > > > > I'll try to send the link to the site were this was > > annouced... > > > > Marcel > > > > > > > > - > > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at > > > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Yahoo! Auctions - Buy the things you want at great prices. > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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