Marcel Tualla (
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 00:03:43 -0500

A friend travelling in Hong Kong just recently
picked up both the YF-21 & YF-19 Yamoto toys
for me!!! and man are they SWEEEET!!!

I'll try to write a quick review of them very soon.
But just quickly they're both really well done.
Both quit heavy, the YF19 being abit heavier.
Pretty good detailing for a mass produced toy.

The only thing that's a pain in da but is the actual
transformation process. The first time round each
mecha took at least 45 min to transform from the
battlroid mode the final jet fighter mode.

But none the less beautifully done when in those two
modes (the geriwalk mode for both are kinda lame).
The antena on the VF-21 actually broke off in my
struggle to transform it! But was easily fix with
some resin glue. So be careful. Besides that
they are REALLY strudy.

So if your into very "challenging" toys pick these
babies up. Mine from Hong Kong cost just under
$90 Canadian each.

Does any one else have these babies? and care to comment?
Oh and apparently they (Yamoto) have anounced the
plans to maufacture the original VF-1, including
the strike version. yaaaaaaaa!!!!

I'll try to send the link to the site were this was annouced...


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