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> Dafydd writes,
> >There's actually a third alternative, namely Fra. There's a spot on the Moon
> >called the Fra Mauro highlands (3.7?S, 17.5?W) that was the site of the
> >14 landing and the intended landing site for the Apollo 13 mission. The
> >time I hear the name, I thought it might be related to this.
> But there's that tacked-on "u," which kinda blows this. If the kana
> were simply "fura" it might have been supportable.

True, but at the time I was going strictly by pronunciation and, in the first
episode, it certainly sounded like Amuro was shouting "Fra Bo! Fra Bo!" (It
actually sounded more like "Fla" the first time I heard it.)

> >Actually, the French pronunciation of "Charles" is "sharl" but the /rl/ is
> >elided and may be indistinguishable to those not accustomed to it.
> Like me, I guess. ;-)

French is always problematic for foreigners -- they pride themselves on the
notion that only someone born to it can truly comprehend it. I myself can hear
no detectable difference between "oeuvre" (work, in the same sense as "opera")
and "oeuf" (egg).

But then these are the people who invented the diphthong and the silent E....

> >I'm actually torn on this name.
> Don't bother - Sunrise hath spoken, and "Char Aznable" is set in stone.
> All the name spellings from First Gundam are now officially frozen; I'm
> just trying to divine what's in store for the later series, and how far
> I'm prepared to go to accommodate it in advance.
> >Of course, that's as likely as someone being named English Man, Deutsche
> >Espana Hombre or Nihon Hito, but then we're talking character names from
> >Yoshiyuki Tomino...!
> Hey, those would actually make good Tomino character names!

To bad he didn't grow up watching American commercials. Then we'd get
characters with names like Rich Lather and Oso Soft....


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