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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>Whoa! The Jukon-class submarines were first developed by the Federation?
>Why? Until the Zeon invasion, the Federation would've had little need
for a navy
>(its all one happy planet after all). The Zeons on the other hand
would've wanted
>a way to ship supplies with being seen from orbit as well as be able to
raid Fed
>commerce right? I had assumed the Federation developed a navy in
response to the
>Zeon invasion forces...

  Not at all. On the contrary, why would the spacenoids have a navy? And
where would they develop and test their submarines? The main reason the
Zaku Marine Type failed was because the Zeons had no experience with
undersea conditions. The Federation, on the other hand, had been building
its conventional forces for decades. Witness the Type 61 tank, almost
twenty years old at the start of the war. Clearly the lack of open
warfare didn't stop the Federation from developing terrestrial weapons.

  Supposedly, the Jukon-class submarines were captured along with the
California Base, the Federation's main naval depot. You can see this for
yourself in Giren's Greed, where the capture of California is a
prerequisite to building your own submarines.

-- Mark

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