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Dafydd writes,

>Newtype 100% Collection 38: Turn A Gundam, Volume 1

  And volume 2 comes out February 10. Same page count, but Y2500 this time.

>Interestingly, character and mecha names are given in both kana/kanji
and Roman

  There's a high degree of correlation between the 100% Collection
spellings and those in Newtype film books, Hobby Japan's Turn A 3D book,
et cetera. I've adopted most of these for my site...

>All in all, a typical Newtype 100% Collection with one glaring excaption: no
>mecha specs! They're described in no more or less detail than the

  The only specs I've seen for Turn A mecha are on the model kits boxes.
Otherwise the only official data provided is a rough height estimate, for
animation purposes.

Nicholas Paufler writes,

>This makes absolutely no sense to me. Previously, I'd seen this romanized as
>both Loran and Lolan. Either of those work, since in one of the episodes
>(somewhere between 5 and 10, can't recall offhand), [R/L]o[R/L]an is called
>on to play the part of a girl to impress the moon race. In doing so, the "n"
>is dropped from his name, and with either Loran or Lolan, you get Lora
>(Laura), and Lola, both female names, thus fulfilling the "joke" as it were.

  It's the Camille thing all over again. The "Laura" business actually
starts because Guin mis-hears the hero's name, which would be impossible
if his name were really "Rolan." So although all the Japanese
publications insist on "Rolan," I'm sticking with "Loran" because
otherwise this plot point wouldn't work.

>I don't recall this character from the show, but it looks awfully close to
>"Morrigan". Do the characters in the name actually jive with the "a"

  It seems like it should be "Mulligan." There's a character in First
Gundam whose name is written with exactly the same kana, and Sunrise
ultimately went with "Mulligan" for his name spelling.

>Only thing interesting in the mecha, is that Dianna ends up as a "Soreil",
>and we've got the "Soleil" as her ship (if memory is serving me correctly).

  But they're written with different kana. The ship, whose name is
apparently meant to be the French "Soleil" as in "sun," is written
"soreiyu." The queen's name is written "soreru," so they're not meant to
be the same word. "Sorel" would be the better option for the latter name
- as it is, the similarity in spelling creates a confusion that doesn't
exist in the kana versions.

Couple of other things that rankle me in these spellings...

* Guin Sard Rhineford
  But his family's airship has a huge "LF" logo on the side, not "RF."

* Liry Borjarno
  *koff koff*

* Phil Ackman
  "Ackerman" would be a better match for the kana - I figured this was
  a tribute to legendary sci-fi magazine editor Forrest Ackerman.

* Michael Gern
  Looks more like "Mikhail" judging from the kana.

* Midgardo
  Presumably should be "Midgard," Norse mythology's word for "Earth."

-- Mark

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