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Dafydd writes,

>There's actually a third alternative, namely Fra. There's a spot on the Moon
>called the Fra Mauro highlands (3.7?S, 17.5?W) that was the site of the
>14 landing and the intended landing site for the Apollo 13 mission. The
>time I hear the name, I thought it might be related to this.

  But there's that tacked-on "u," which kinda blows this. If the kana
were simply "fura" it might have been supportable.

>Actually, the French pronunciation of "Charles" is "sharl" but the /rl/ is
>elided and may be indistinguishable to those not accustomed to it.

  Like me, I guess. ;-)

>I'm actually torn on this name.

  Don't bother - Sunrise hath spoken, and "Char Aznable" is set in stone.
All the name spellings from First Gundam are now officially frozen; I'm
just trying to divine what's in store for the later series, and how far
I'm prepared to go to accommodate it in advance.

>Of course, that's as likely as someone being named English Man, Deutsche
>Espana Hombre or Nihon Hito, but then we're talking character names from
>Yoshiyuki Tomino...!

  Hey, those would actually make good Tomino character names!

-- Mark

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