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Nicholas Paufler wrote:

> Mmm tasty.
> The Gouf Custom is probably my favorite OYW era MS, managing to look tough
> without being chunky. And everyone loves chainguns.
> Anyway, from comparing the pictures of the Custom to the regular MG Gouf,
> its quite obvious that they did remold the chest, and replaced the whip with
> the cable system. The hands also appear to be a new design, with a base of
> the backhand guard and thumb, into which you slide the open fingers, closed
> fist, or trigger finger. Any other MG's had a design like this? The legs
> appear identical, save for coloring, so some mold recycling was definately
> done, but it does look unique.
> I'm going to have to pick up the 3 08MST MG's one of these days...
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Well, there you go Gus. Another kit for you to drool over..... :-)

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