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Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:10:33 -0800
Mmm tasty.
The Gouf Custom is probably my favorite OYW era MS, managing to look tough
without being chunky. And everyone loves chainguns.
Anyway, from comparing the pictures of the Custom to the regular MG Gouf,
its quite obvious that they did remold the chest, and replaced the whip with
the cable system. The hands also appear to be a new design, with a base of
the backhand guard and thumb, into which you slide the open fingers, closed
fist, or trigger finger. Any other MG's had a design like this? The legs
appear identical, save for coloring, so some mold recycling was definately
done, but it does look unique.
I'm going to have to pick up the 3 08MST MG's one of these days...

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