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> It's been many, many moons since I last saw Char. Been meaning to get
> the f---s-b of it, but haven't got a chance. Don't remember of the
> Sazabi has a spherical cockpit system system as the Nu Gundam. Correct
> me if I'm wrong, but spherical cockpits are free-moving so the pilot
> will always remain upright nomatter what the position of the mobile
> suit. Or does the sphere merely give the pilot a 360 degree view of
> what is going on in the outside? If a sphere system is free-moving, I
> assume that such problems like nausea would be avoided.
> Peter

this is just a guess, but how could you feel nausea (or whatever the proper
term is, nauseatic?) in space where there is no gravity? from what I know
you don't feel that in zero gravity, but someone here with better knowledge
should confirm this

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