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> um, i noticed the trend that MS seem to get smaller as
> time progress right? then what would explain the
> sudden increase in size of the Nu? would it be that
> they needed the size to hold the fannels?
> big is it anyway? and i heard that the Sazabi had the
> cockpit in the head. is that true? did the MG model
> reflect that? then if say the head has to swing left
> or right, does that mean that the cockpit have to move
> too? that would be nauseating wouldn't it?

I think all mobile suits have their cockpit in the chest, Sazabi included.
a scene where Quess floats in space to Char will prove that Char is seated
comfortably in the upper chest area. if you notice that part of the chest
that points out, that is where the cockpit is. it is immediately below the
head, unlike most which is in the mid-chest area.

mobile suits after 0093 are smaller because they have made more compact
Helium-3 reactors/engines thus eliminating a bigger frame needed to carry
the power source around. look at it this way, cellphones from 10 years ago
are as big as briefcases, now you can literally swallow one. its all in the
technology. the CCA suits are bigger I guess to house more power. also
maybe more size is needed to house the gadgets that will harness the newtype
powers of the pilots, although don't quote me on that, its just an educated

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