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> we will never see the F-91 or V HGUC. they're small!!!
> MG would be most likely, but even then we won't be
> able to get like endoskeleton or internal details. it
> would most likely cost as much as the MG Zaku II, no
> more. But they should pay attention to external
> details i guess. it would be cool though to see it MG.

I've already seen 1/144 kits of the V so I think it is very possible they
can make that into HGUC. then again, its a Gundam, and no Gundams ever
become HGUC, unless they become MG first (take the case of GP01 and GP01fb)

I don't think doing the F-91 and V in MG would be any problem. Bandai has
done a lot of things we didn't expect them to do. they're not that small
for them to have a hard time doing those kits in MG, they're about the same
size as the 1/144 Sazabi kit, and that one's pretty huge.

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