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> On the oft-visited-of-late subject of character romanizations.
> > Rolan Cehack, 17
> This makes absolutely no sense to me. Previously, I'd seen this romanized as
> both Loran and Lolan. Either of those work, since in one of the episodes
> (somewhere between 5 and 10, can't recall offhand), [R/L]o[R/L]an is called
> on to play the part of a girl to impress the moon race. In doing so, the "n"
> is dropped from his name, and with either Loran or Lolan, you get Lora
> (Laura), and Lola, both female names, thus fulfilling the "joke" as it were.

I've previously seen this a "Loran Cehack" and I'm inclined to continue with
that until "Rolan" is indeed confirmed as the official spelling.

> > Sochie Heim, 15
> Soshie would have made more sense, IMHO, and I'd venture the kana/kanji
> could go either way.

I've had this down as "Soshie" from the beginning and, again, I'll take a wait
and see.

> > Mallygan
> I don't recall this character from the show, but it looks awfully close to
> "Morrigan". Do the characters in the name actually jive with the "a"
> selection?

Mallygan's the Luziana Militia commander with the long blond hair styled in
paired helical locks halfway down to his waist. He appears in Episode 14.

The kana are "ma-ri-ga-n" so the Mallygan sort of jibes, although "Mulligan" (a
real name) would work just as well. If the /ga/ in Gundam (ga-n-da-mu) can be
taken for an English /gu/, then the /ma/ can serve as an Irish /mu/ in

> > And here are the Romanized mecha names per Newtype:
> >
> > Soleil
> Only thing interesting in the mecha, is that Dianna ends up as a "Soreil",
> and we've got the "Soleil" as her ship (if memory is serving me correctly).
> It's been a while since I watched Turn A, and even then it was raw and my
> Japanese is pitiful at best.

Worse. It's "Dianna Soriel" for the person and "Soleil" for the ship.
                       ^^^ ^^^

Not only is the /r/ replaced by an /l/, but the /i/ and /e/ are transposed.

Shall we invoke Emerson regarding consistency again?

Me, I'm sticking with Soleil for both until we get some official confirmation to
the contrary.


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