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> He also kind of dismisses Patlabor style mechs as being very unrealistic. I
> wonder why? If I were to redo Gundam, I'd definitely make the mechs/ MS's
> more Labor-ish.

His beef seems to be with the machines having human proportions, as opposed to
merely being humanoid in the sense of having a torso, arms, legs and head.
Votoms and MADOX-01 would qualify as "realistic" by these criteria, since the
Armored Troopers and MADOX don't look like men wearing armor, but rather like
machinery assembled in a humanoid configuration. Patlabor and Gasaraki would
both fail this test, as both the Patlabors (meaning the ones used by the police
and JSDF) and Tactical Armors all have near-human proportions and thus resemble
armored men.


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