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Okay, so I'm catching up on old e-mails. Forgive the lateness of this reply....

Mark Simmons wrote:

> >7. Yukon -> Jucon
> >Okay, now this one I don't WANT to accept! I cringed
> >every time I saw "U-kon"... but "Jucon"? Gimme a
> >break!
> "Jukon," actually. This one actually gets an explanatory note in the
> MSV Collection File, noting that when this submarine was developed by the
> Federation Forces, they officially endorsed the spelling "Jukon" for
> German-speakers and "U-con" for English speakers, both of which are
> pronounced "Yukon."

Whoa! The Jukon-class submarines were first developed by the Federation?

Why? Until the Zeon invasion, the Federation would've had little need for a navy
(its all one happy planet after all). The Zeons on the other hand would've wanted
a way to ship supplies with being seen from orbit as well as be able to raid Fed
commerce right? I had assumed the Federation developed a navy in response to the
Zeon invasion forces...

    Neil Baumgardner

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