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He also kind of dismisses Patlabor style mechs as being very unrealistic. I
wonder why? If I were to redo Gundam, I'd definitely make the mechs/ MS's
more Labor-ish.


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> Don't think this one has been mentioned yet. This update is a little
> but it does talk about the direction they're going with FTB. They
> state that they're not trying to make Gundam more realistic, or make the
> mecha realistic at all ... they just want everything to fit together to
> their story. An attitude like this I can respect. They flat out say that
> they're not adhering to Gundam conventions, and that this will almost
> certainly anger some fans, but Gichi Ohtsuka then points at that maybe
> fans who can't see past the established concept of Gundam have forgotten
> what it's really about.
> I must say, I'm really looking forward to reading this manga when its
> released. Hopefully they get a US published fairly soon so I don't have
> sell my soul to import the books...
> Also, we should be getting an entirely new issue of Newtype any day now
> well, hopefully there will be a little more information
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