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if you use testors paint, dont get the spray paint or use it on a large
testors seems to feel sticky for a long time, even after its dry. as for the
paints, i cant help much there.

eh.. primer, after coat....i say blah with those ideas. these numerous
add a lot of weight to the model and might make some joints hard to move.

-Dave, webmaster, http://www.gundam-junkyard.net

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<<Hi, I'm new to the list, but, anyway: I'm going to be getting the MG

kit soon, and I wondered, what will be the best way to paint it? I don't

mean what I should use to paint it, I want to know WHEN I should paint

it(should I paint it when it is on the runner? Or while I'm making it)?

Should I even put a primer on? I'd also like to know what color, company,

and type(matt, semi-gloss, gloss, mettalic)? And finnnaly, what after-coat

should I put on? Should I use dullcoat, semi-gloss, or gloss?

Thanks in advance>>

Ok. I usually paint it when I'm building it. There is a reason for that. If
oyu paint it while its on the runner,when you go to take it off,you will
to sand off the flash and the paint will be gone from that side. if you want
to put primer you can. I can't tell you a color,but you should use paint
Gunze Sangyo,Tamiya,or Testors. It should be flat(matt). When you put on an
aftercoat use dullcoat.

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