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Don't think this one has been mentioned yet. This update is a little short,
but it does talk about the direction they're going with FTB. They explicitly
state that they're not trying to make Gundam more realistic, or make the
mecha realistic at all ... they just want everything to fit together to tell
their story. An attitude like this I can respect. They flat out say that
they're not adhering to Gundam conventions, and that this will almost
certainly anger some fans, but Gichi Ohtsuka then points at that maybe the
fans who can't see past the established concept of Gundam have forgotten
what it's really about.
I must say, I'm really looking forward to reading this manga when its
released. Hopefully they get a US published fairly soon so I don't have to
sell my soul to import the books...

Also, we should be getting an entirely new issue of Newtype any day now as
well, hopefully there will be a little more information

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