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> Dr. Core writes,
> >I'd be damned, so she really has a Chinese name, then
there really is no
> >excuse to use Yuiry.
> Well, there we go then. :-)

If you have play any SRW games, the game "bio" will also
list her Chinese name. When I first watched Zeta, I
don't even know Fa is Chinese...

> Hm. So the middle character should really be read
as "yuen" rather than
> "yui"?

I thought the official spelling of her name is Fa Yuri?
Anyway, I think Yuen is the more acurate in terms of
prounciation, but yui resemble more closely to how
Japanese pronounce Chinese word.
> Yep - her name is always given in that order, and
similarly with Wufei.
> At some point in the middle of the US broadcast of
Gundam Wing the
> writers started switching his name to "Wufei Chang,"
which was kind of
> annoying.

It's also one of the things that throw me off -
everybody in GW call Chang Wufei Wufei throughout the
series, which make sense since it's his first and middle
name. However, everybody in Zeta called Fa Yuri Fa -
kinda odd considering that Chinese rarely called people
by their last name without adding a proper "title" in
front of it, like Mister, Doctor, etc. Given how close
Camille and Fa are, I am more surprised that Camille
just call her Fa, unless he's "hinting" at the Chinese
meaning of the word Fa...

> But nobody is going to hear the name "Kamiru" and
mistake it for
> "Camille." This simply wouldn't work in English - the
names, when
> properly pronounced, can't be mistaken. And besides,
Camille _does_ hate
> his parents. :-)

Given how Jerid react to Camille's name being called, it
should definitely be Camille, since I just don't
think "Kamiru" will get Jerid any response, other than
the name sound like a female, instead of his reaction
of "isn't that a girl's name"...

> Not to mention that, with parents named Franklin and
Hilda, it's
> unlikely that their son would have a Japanese name,
masculine or not. The
> European name "Camille," on the other hand, can
actually be given to boys
> as well - it's just very uncommon. So Franklin and
Hilda naming their son
> Camille is plausible. Them giving their son the made-
up name "Kamiru,"
> and him developing a massive complex about it, is not.

I believe Camille was used in a few games for a guy,
although I don't remember for certain...

-Edmund Chiu

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