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I agree.. The gundam aparrently was supposed to be a human sized SUIT! I
think mechs like Madox 01, Gasaraki and Votoms make more sense.. And I
think those would be larger sized mechs.. I think mobile armors and
outlaw star style ships make more sense for space.. WHy need legs??
Actually the Ball would make the most sense for a personal mobile
weapon.. Actually the govt is working on exoskeletal technology
development for our soldiers. They want soldiers to carry larger weapons
and be able to move quicker in terrain and well as being protected by
armor.. Actually this sounds more like a hard suit or ironman to me...I
think with micro technology and genetics and other sciences we are going
to terraform more than building colonys.. The manpower in volved would
be tremendous.. I think its much more feasible to terraform mars in
hundred years than to build a Rama sized cylinder.. Look how toublesome
it is to build our outdated freedom station... I doubt it could be
economically feasible or desirable to build a cylinder.. I think it would
be easier to build generators on mars to make a habitable atmosphere than
to start from scratch..

So "Z" what do you think??

Gundam EZEight wrote:

> strange how microtechnology seems to progress so
> slowly. if Gundam was written today, i think the MS
> would be human size or a little bigger, though that
> would probably be pushing it a little... but do you
> think that because we in the 21st century think only
> about making things small and not big, we will never
> see a real space colony? those things are huge. may be
> we should focus more on macrotech eh? just a
> thought...
> --- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> > At 14:30 01/23/2001 -0800, Peter Carranza wrote:
> > >Anyone know why Bandai shrunk the F91 & V mobile
> > suits? To eliminate the
> > >need for seperate 1/144 and 1/100 issues? This
> > disrupts the continiuty of my
> > >UC 1/144 collection of all the Gundams.
> >
> > It's following the storyline, actually. By
> > UC0100+, technology has
> > advanced, and the MSes are all getting smaller in
> > the storyline. That's why
> > those F91 kits are mostly 1/100 -- in fact, I've not
> > seen a 1/144 F91 kit
> > before.
> >
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