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> 1/144 because some may be too small, I think the variations of the V
> are the only ones that have 1/144 kits (V Assulat, V whatever....)

Nah, I have a 1/144 Javelin here. It's a cute little thing. =) There'r also
other GM-type 1/144s from V; Jamesgun etc. (Of course I didn't bother
looking at any others. Heheh.) I made a diorama of my Gouf FT charging the
Jav, it's amazing the size difference. If the Gouf was standing up straight,
I think Jav would come up to about mid-chest.

> be, those wouldn't make good model kits, and painting would really require

The Jav is a *good* kit, very flexy. A bit too flexy in the arms. You can
bend them backwards at the elbows. =) Painting *is* rough though, I tried to
to a b&w scheme on it and even my smallest brush managed to slop black paint
where it shouldn't have gone. Shoulda left it unpainted. Ah well.

> to re-make the kit, will it be MG (1/100) or HGUC (1/144)? who knows.

Jav is 14.5m and F91 is 15.2m, according to So if they can make
a nice 1/144 Jav in regular grade, they should have no trouble with a
slightly bigger 1/144 HGUC F91. It just depends on if Bandai wants to do it
or not.

- dom

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