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> Anyone know why Bandai shrunk the F91 & V mobile suits? To eliminate the
> need for seperate 1/144 and 1/100 issues? This disrupts the continiuty of
> UC 1/144 collection of all the Gundams.

Bandai didn't shrink the F91/V kits. there are seperate 1/144 and 1/100 V
kits (I saw some in Hong Kong) but I don't think all the suits have the
1/144 because some may be too small, I think the variations of the V Gundam
are the only ones that have 1/144 kits (V Assulat, V whatever....)

the reason for not having a 1/144 line is, if you have the 1/144 kits of
Gundam Wing, you'd notice they are rather small. when I thought the FG
RX-78 was a challenge, you should see the look on my face when I put
together my LM Leo. anyway, the actual height of the F91 suits and V Gundam
suits are smaller than those of Wing, so just imagine how tiny those would
be, those wouldn't make good model kits, and painting would really require a
lot of skill. I'd like to see how they would deal with F91 when they plan
to re-make the kit, will it be MG (1/100) or HGUC (1/144)? who knows.

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