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Dr. Core writes,

>I'd be damned, so she really has a Chinese name, then there really is no
>excuse to use Yuiry.

  Well, there we go then. :-)

>I propose this spelling for Fa's name: "Fa, Yuenli", which admittedly isn't
>exactly what you hear in the anime, but it's consistent in spirit to "Chang,
>Wufei". In a pinch, I'd say Yuily is a good compromise between "Yuiry"
>and common sense.

  Hm. So the middle character should really be read as "yuen" rather than

>BTW, so far all the Kanji names (both Chinese and Japanese) from books
>and screens follow the oriental rule of "family name first". But I suppose
>it's too much to ask American fans to switch from "Wufei Chang". IIRC,
>the audio on Z and ZZ also put Fa's family name first.

  Yep - her name is always given in that order, and similarly with Wufei.
At some point in the middle of the US broadcast of Gundam Wing the
writers started switching his name to "Wufei Chang," which was kind of

>Actually, I do think Kamiru is more sensible. If my parents name me Camille,
>I'd hate them for my whole life. But if they name me Kamiru (it does sound
>like a plausible Japanese masculine name) and people tease me for having a
>name that sounds like a feminine (European) name, I may put the blame on the
>people not my parents. To me, "Kamiru" makes Z episode 1 more believeable.

  But nobody is going to hear the name "Kamiru" and mistake it for
"Camille." This simply wouldn't work in English - the names, when
properly pronounced, can't be mistaken. And besides, Camille _does_ hate
his parents. :-)

  Not to mention that, with parents named Franklin and Hilda, it's
unlikely that their son would have a Japanese name, masculine or not. The
European name "Camille," on the other hand, can actually be given to boys
as well - it's just very uncommon. So Franklin and Hilda naming their son
Camille is plausible. Them giving their son the made-up name "Kamiru,"
and him developing a massive complex about it, is not.

>Even Quattro Vagina is consistent? Ouch, quaduple ouch

  Semi-consistent. Some more recent publications have changed it to
"Vageena," which frankly isn't much of an improvement.

>Do we have any official confirmation or denial (other then the spelling) that
>Frau/Fraw means woman?

  I'm pretty sure I've seen this pointed out in Japanese publications,
but there's nothing about it in the Sunrise art books or Gundam Archive,
so I wouldn't say it's "official." However, the Sunrise art books do say
she's of German ancestry, which seems like a bit of a hint. ;-)

>Interesting, but then the question is still if his name is formally Char
or Charles?
>Let's say how would it read on his military ID? I bet you it doesn't
say "Char
>Aznavour" on the French singer's passport.

  Formally written "Charles." "Char" - or "Sha" - is just how it's pronounced.

>Well, there wouldn't be any controversy if the spellings all follow one
>of those standard romanization schemes. Except then, of course, you'd
>have to accept "Waitto Basu" instead of "White Base".

  Well, yeah. So I guess the idea is to render into English where it's
supportable, and otherwise just try and come up with something halfway
pronounceable. Given that Quattro's last name (thankfully) doesn't match
the standard kana rendition of any English word, one could do worse than
to come up with a spelling that an English-speaker won't trip over...

-- Mark

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