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Dear List:

> Wufei actually has a Chinese name, and it's written all over official
> publications. The two Chinese characters stand for "five" and "fly." I am
> afraid I can't offer any supporting documentation at this point, since my laptop
> is severly crippled (thanks to Microsoft), forcing me to use a public computer
> that I don't quite know how to use without making much modifications to the user
> profiles... But I suggest you look it up on the Net, it's definitely there.

It also depends on the dialect, in Cantonese, Wu can also mean "foreign/from
west". Fei has considerably more meanings than "Fly", it could man "not",
"fault"... etc. It is also interesting that the main character in the famous
Chinese Martial arts novel "Flying Fox of the Snowy mountain", and "Other
adventures of the Flying Fox" was called Wu Fei. These novels were written by
Jin Rong (mandarin) / Gum Yong (cantonese) / Louis Cha (real name)... who wrote
some of the best contemporary chinese martial arts novels, they are also often
made into TV series and movie adaptations. Wong Kar Wai's "Ashes of Time" for
instance, was based on characters from his excellent "The eagle shooting heroes"
and "Divine eagle heroic couple" (please excuse my poor translation)...


> "Dr. Core" wrote:
> > I'd be damned, so she really has a Chinese name, then there really is no
> > excuse to use Yuiry. Ok so Wufei doesn't exactly sound like the Chinese
> > pronounciation, but it sounds Chinese enough. Yuiry just doesn't work
> > for Chinese, remember we don't have the 'R' sound. I think his particular
> > spelling "Chang" is the Taiwanese one (as opposed to HK and Mainland), so
> > I propose this spelling for Fa's name: "Fa, Yuenli", which admittedly isn't
> > exactly what you hear in the anime, but it's consistent in spirit to "Chang,
> > Wufei". In a pinch, I'd say Yuily is a good compromise between "Yuiry"
> > and common sense.

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