Ricky Lai (xrlai@midway.uchicago.edu)
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 18:28:30 -0600

Wufei actually has a Chinese name, and it's written all over official
publications. The two Chinese characters stand for "five" and "fly." I am
afraid I can't offer any supporting documentation at this point, since my laptop
is severly crippled (thanks to Microsoft), forcing me to use a public computer
that I don't quite know how to use without making much modifications to the user
profiles... But I suggest you look it up on the Net, it's definitely there.

"Dr. Core" wrote:

> I'd be damned, so she really has a Chinese name, then there really is no
> excuse to use Yuiry. Ok so Wufei doesn't exactly sound like the Chinese
> pronounciation, but it sounds Chinese enough. Yuiry just doesn't work
> for Chinese, remember we don't have the 'R' sound. I think his particular
> spelling "Chang" is the Taiwanese one (as opposed to HK and Mainland), so
> I propose this spelling for Fa's name: "Fa, Yuenli", which admittedly isn't
> exactly what you hear in the anime, but it's consistent in spirit to "Chang,
> Wufei". In a pinch, I'd say Yuily is a good compromise between "Yuiry"
> and common sense.

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