Richard Ramos (
Mon, 1 Jan 2001 22:56:26 +0800

> >> The F91 kits are almost the same size as 1/144 OYW kits --
> >> tiny stuff.
> >But it would be a feat if they could make it detailed even at that level,
> >neh?
> I don't think that's very feasible. The F91 kits were pretty well
> detailed, but some of them feels pretty flimsy at times. Adding more
> might not be material-possible at that size.. But I do sort of miss those
> hands on the old 1/144 and F91 kits -- much nicer, although more prone to
> damage, than the blocky ploycap hands we have now.

true...that would be a feat of plastic injection. but still, who's to say?
yah never know what Bandai will do...

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