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Mark Simmons wrote:
>Well, damn! I was almost finished with a long reply when my machine
>crashed. So this will be short and pithy. :-)

At least your crash (hopefully) didn't corrupt a previously saved
presentation file,
which is why I am still at the lab... damn MS crap...

> Exactly the rendition given in Animage's Z Gundam Handbook, published
>in 1985. Couldn't find any other corroboration, but we do have a (early)
>Japanese publication to support this. GIF attached just to double-check.

I'd be damned, so she really has a Chinese name, then there really is no
excuse to use Yuiry. Ok so Wufei doesn't exactly sound like the Chinese
pronounciation, but it sounds Chinese enough. Yuiry just doesn't work
for Chinese, remember we don't have the 'R' sound. I think his particular
spelling "Chang" is the Taiwanese one (as opposed to HK and Mainland), so
I propose this spelling for Fa's name: "Fa, Yuenli", which admittedly isn't
exactly what you hear in the anime, but it's consistent in spirit to "Chang,
Wufei". In a pinch, I'd say Yuily is a good compromise between "Yuiry"
and common sense.

BTW, so far all the Kanji names (both Chinese and Japanese) from books
and screens follow the oriental rule of "family name first". But I suppose
it's too much to ask American fans to switch from "Wufei Chang". IIRC,
the audio on Z and ZZ also put Fa's family name first.

> >What I am saying is that Bandai/Sunrise doesn't give a hoot about
> >consistency in Romanizing names, and we must understand that.
> Actually not true, from what I can tell. I found a surprising - well, I
>wasn't expecting it - degree of consistency in the name spellings used in

Eh... you just shot down 98% of my arguments, grumble grumble :)

Let's say I don't give a hoot about Bandai's way of spelling names! LOL

"Z'gok" still bugs me, for no rational reasons...

>these spellings in US releases - they mandated the use of "Kamiru Bidan,"
>"Judau Ashta," and "Elpeo Ple" for the Battle Assault game, though I may
>perhaps have talked them out of "Kamiru" in future, I hope and pray. :-)

Actually, I do think Kamiru is more sensible. If my parents name me Camille,
I'd hate them for my whole life. But if they name me Kamiru (it does sound
like a plausible Japanese masculine name) and people tease me for having a
name that sounds like a feminine (European) name, I may put the blame on the
people not my parents. To me, "Kamiru" makes Z episode 1 more believeable.

>"Fraw Bow" and "Kycilia." But in the meantime, I'm not going to pre-
>emptively spell things incorrectly (Kamiru, Fa Yuiry, Kite Bush, Cony
>Francis, Alexandoria, et cetera). And I'll be damned if I'm going to
>accept "Quattro Vagina" except at gunpoint...

Even Quattro Vagina is consistent? Ouch, quaduple ouch

Do we have any official confirmation or denial (other then the spelling) that
Frau/Fraw means woman?

> >My view is that "Khan" should taken as a 99% officially correct spelling.
> "Haman Karn" seems to be the consensus - 4 or 5 points of agreement,
>with Rapport's "Hamirn Karn" being the sole dissenter. I agree that
>"Khan" is more pleasing, but who can say what the intention was? Taka
>Karahashi always suspected she was named after futurist/strategist Herman

I'd be happy to accept both Khan and Kahn. But there's no harm in Karn

> In this case, the French name "Charles" is apparently pronounced "Char"
>- I saw a snippet of an Aznavour concert while channel-flipping one day,
>and the audience were all yelling "Char! Char!" So the kana rendition is
>actually perfect. Nonetheless, Sunrise has always spelled it "Char
>Aznable." Likewise "Elmeth" and "Qubeley," which appear to be corruptions

Interesting, but then the question is still if his name is formally Char or
Let's say how would it read on his military ID? I bet you it doesn't say
Aznavour" on the French singer's passport.

[BTW, you mean they yelled "Sha! Sha!" right? because that's how it
sounds on the anime]

> In this specific case, the original kana are "bajiina," whereas

Ok... maybe I shouldn't have sneak in that facitious argument :)

> Bearing this in mind, the best Romanization might be "Vajeena" or
>"Bajeena," which makes it clear that the middle syllable has the long

Well, there wouldn't be any controversy if the spellings all follow one
of those standard romanization schemes. Except then, of course, you'd
have to accept "Waitto Basu" instead of "White Base".

> P.S. This loanword dictionary is pretty handy. Just in process of
>looking up Quattro's last name, I've confirmed that the leader of the
>Titans isn't named "Hymen" - another alarming consensus spelling - but
>that his deputy could very plausibly be named "Basque Homme." :-)

LOL, I think the Basque people do eat some odd animal parts, but we've
had enough toilet humour for the day.

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