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Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:54:28 -0800 (PST)

Mark writes,

> Well, damn! I was almost finished with a long reply
> when my machine
> crashed. So this will be short and pithy. :-)

Don't ya hate that?

Snipping all the discussion, replies, couter-replies,
etc., for the sake of word economy...

I personally don't have much to contribute to the
character name spelling issue, since I don't have the
in-depth know-it-alledness of Dafydd and Dr. Core, nor
the in-the-knowedness of Mark... so basically I'm just
gonna follow your lead on whatever chracter name
spellings you decide to go with, Mark. Although I do
have to agree that Mashyrme and Fuala Glifon are VERY
hard to swallow... other than that, I'm just looking
for some consistency... preferably with an authority
figure (i.e. Mark).

So you three go ahead and beat each other up on this
topic, I'll just go with the winner. :P

-Burke Rukes

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