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Just reposting this, under a different title, I think people might have
glanced over it, since I noticed it went unnoticed.

FC stands for "Fantasticon". SA stands for "Sean Akins".

The full interview is here:

However here's the important part...

FC:Tell us a little more about Mobile Suit Gundam. Can you nail down an
for us, or at least give us a hint of how it's progressing?

SA:Well, we can confirm that you will see First Gundam, but we can't confirm
in April. We have yet to recieve all of the masters, and we have a lot of
work to do on First Gundam.

FC:So you can't give us an airdate yet?

SA:Well, you'll probably see it in late Spring/early Summer. As soon as we
it done we'll put it on the air. We gotta do some edit work on it, not a lot
but it could be time consuming. This is a very important project. A lot of
people are involved, but you'll definately see it before the fall. The
latest possible time would probably be late summer. We're excited about it,
we think it's going to be really great.

FC:Are you guys trying to contract the entire UC storyline?

SA:We're pursuing a lot of those shows, (Z Gundam, 08th MS Squadron, 0080,
0083, V Gundam) I think we may have some options on those shows. We're going
to get some OVA's in and First Gundam, then maybe one other. Then once you
run those shows, and run the numbers (Nielsen Ratings) and if all of those
are successful then you can be rest assured you'll see the rest of them on
the air. But if NOBODY watches those shows, I don't think you'll see them
again. I don't think that'll happen though, we had a good audience for
Gundam Wing, which you'll see again.

Hopefully people will be into First Gundam, we think the storyline is
excellent but it is an older show. It's being remastered and spruced up, so
hopefully a lot of people will get into, but when these little kids see and
older show they're out! So we want it to do well.

FC:Are you going to try and market it towards an older audience?

SA:Well we've never really targeted very young, most of our stuff is young
in 12-16 range. Usually if a little kid's older brother is into this stuff
they'll want to watch it too, so we'll pick up the younger demographic that
way. The thing about is that a bulk of our audience is those little kids, so
if that 9 year old isn't into something we're putting on and leaves us, then
it's not a good thing. They're ultimately MY boss!

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