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At 09:42 01/23/2001 +0800, Richie Ramos wrote:
>The GM Sniper II will probably use the NT-1 frame, so that should be no
>problem, just a change in weapons and the head, as well as a few cosmetic
>armor modifications.

        I don't think it's quite that simple. A GM Sniper II's exterior is
sufficiently different that perhaps only the interior can be reused; all
exterior armour and weapons, as you said, have to be rescuplted and molded.
This means Bandai can't really reuse a lot of the sprues.

        A better bet will be the reuse of the GM Custom's sprues for 0080
GMs. The Custom's very close to the 0080 GMs -- the design was derived from
there, at any rate -- so reuse is more likely there.

>The Zaku FZ is now actually possible with some of the parts of the Kampfer.
>The frame system of the Kampfer seems to support a lot of armor ideas.

        Actually, a basic Zaku IIF can be modified to a FZ with some work.
The major problem will be the chest area -- that's a major change from the
basic Zaku's chest -- but everything else is pretty much similar.

>yeah. the 1/100 V kits and F91 kits are really small. not much else you
>can stuff into that small a space....

        The F91 kits are almost the same size as 1/144 OYW kits -- really
tiny stuff.

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