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> I totally agree with most of the points here. I would definitely want to
> see more 0080 and 0083 suits, my choices would be the GM Sniper II and or
> the Zaku Kai (I am more inclined to believe that the Zaku FZ would be
> relesed in HGUC form first). For 0083, we need to see the GP03 Stamen, the
> Gerbera would probably be HGUc first. The Hyaku-Shiki should definitley
> MG status, lets hope Bandai decides to do it next this year or next.

The GM Sniper II will probably use the NT-1 frame, so that should be no
problem, just a change in weapons and the head, as well as a few cosmetic
armor modifications.

The Zaku FZ is now actually possible with some of the parts of the Kampfer.
The frame system of the Kampfer seems to support a lot of armor ideas.

The Gp03 is possible -- i bet they have that thing on the drawing boards

The Gerbera Tetra, if they ever bring it out, I bet will have both Fed and
Zeon variants -- which will make it have one of the more spectacular frames.

> There are rumors that the Seninel suits will finally see MG form this year
> (after last years FA-10S wc has parts for the FA-10B from Sentinel). I'm
> betting on the Zeta-plus C1 since it can be easily derived from the old
> Zeta. Ditto for CCA's ReGZ since it too is a Zeta based (though non
> transforming).

Hm...the Zetaplus will be a major makeover from the Zeta frame. the legs
and wings transform differently. and they're gonna need a better lock/latch
system for the nose area. that's a big gun. BUT! I wouldn't mind if it
appeared. that is one righteously nice kit! Also, they can come up with
all the variations, to make it have more money.

The ReGZ is a unique design, kinda, so I think it'll be difficult -- unless
it has the transformation parts to go with it.

> I dont think we'll be seeing any V suits soon as theyre quite small, we'll
> probably have to wait for a while. If and when they do release the
> gundams, I think that the F91 will be first.

yeah. the 1/100 V kits and F91 kits are really small. not much else you
can stuff into that small a space....

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