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> Anywhere I can. The Degwin and Minovsky pics came from
> the MS Era book. The Zeon Daikun pic I scanned out of
> my old Rapport Deluxe book on First Gundam (he's hard
> to find a color pic of).

For a more recent full-color picture of Zeon Zum Daikun, full-body with arms
outstretched in a saintly welcoming gesture, check the inner side of the foldout
"poster" in the front of Gundam Film Book Series 3: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
(2000.7.7, Asahiya Shuppan, ISBN4-7511-0207-9). It's part of the Genealogy Of
Zeon -- referring to Zeon the nation, not Zeon the man -- which covers the 1st
Age Old Repubric [sic] UC 0053, the 2nd Age Principality of Zeon UC 0069 and the
3rd Age Neo Zeon & Repubric [sic] Of Zeon UC 0088.

"It was the dawn of the Third Age of Zeon...!"

> > What did
> > Clinton do to give Relena and
> > ear-ache?
> You don't wanna know. ;-)

"Give the lit-tle lady a see-gar!"


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