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> Help Beta Test Our Site and Be Eligible to Purchase Shares of Future IPOs
> In Which We Participate**
> eMedsecurities has selected you as a possible participant to help test our
> online stock-trading engine for knowledge-based investing in the life
> sciences. For your cooperation, you will be eligible to purchase shares of
> future IPOs in which we participate, for as long as you maintain your
> account with us. This is limited to only 50 qualified testers! <A HREF="">Request
> More Information</A>.**
> eMedsecurities… The Cure for the Common Portfolio!
> eMedsecurities provides you with a wealth of information, all compiled in a
> single, easy-to-use resource. Learn about new research and upcoming
> treatments for diabetes, glaucoma, cataract, obesity and much more. Obtain
> critical investment information about the companies that are developing
> these treatments. eMedsecurities empowers you to make more informed
> investment decisions. <A HREF="">Request More Information</A>.**
> Participation in eMedsecurities's Beta Test allows you:
> Eligibility to purchase shares of IPOs in which eMedsecurities participates
> for as long as you maintain your account**
> Valuable research of the entire product pipeline of companies, including
> stages of clinical development, by industry or specific disease
> Useful information about industry trends, recent developments and upcoming
> IPOs
> Commitment to customer service featuring our Live Customer Service Online
> Dedication to fast trade executions at the best possible price.
> The following guidelines will explain what we expect from an eMedsecurities
> Beta Tester:
> Open a funded eMedsecurities account
> Visit our online trading site once a week
> Execute trades through our Web site in accordance with your normal practice
> Submit feedback to eMedsecurities's development team through a
> questionnaire sent via email
> Provide us with additional feedback regarding the site as needed.
> The test is limited to only 50 Beta Testers so sign up now to be
> considered! <A HREF="">Request More Information</A>.** Please note: All applications for
> the Beta Test must be submitted by January 25, 2001 to be considered.
> Please be advised that your information will stay in our proprietary
> database and will not be sold, traded, given or otherwise provided to
> outside vendors. We respect your privacy. By submitting your information,
> you implicitly state that this is something that interests you and that you
> agree to receive periodic emails from eMedsecurities. Research indicated
> that you might benefit from our offer. To be removed instantly and
> permanently from our database, simply <A HREF="">click here</A>. We respect all removal
> requests.
> ** Restrictions Apply: Beta test not open to residents of HI, IL, MI, MN,
> NE, NH, TN, TX. Initial Public Offerings are considered speculative
> investments and as such may not be appropriate for every investor. If an
> investor chooses to participate in IPOs, there are certain restrictions
> that apply. Flipping - The first time an investor sells their shares
> within the first 30 days the issue is trading in the secondary market, that
> investor will not be allocated shares for the next 90 days following the
> sale. The second time that investor “flips," they will not be allocated
> IPO shares for 180 days. The third time that investor “flips," they lose
> their IPO allocations permanently. Transferring shares - If the investor
> transfers IPO shares out of their account within the first 30 days the
> issue is trading in the secondary market, they will permanently lose their
> IPO allocations. Beta investors will be chosen from all the applicants
> based on their income, net worth and investing experience. Beta Test open
> only to those 21 years of age or older. IPO shares will only be allocated
> from transactions in which eMedsecurities participates in the underwriting.
> A0009-1-A2 eMedsecurities, Inc. Member NASD SIPC.

What the freak is this junk?! Answer: SPAM!

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