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You know, the more I look at this list of consensus spellings, the less I
like them. "Mashymre"? "Fuala Glifon"? Maybe I'll stick with what I've
got after all...!

Burke writes,

>I guess Mark and I have kinda reversed positions on
>this issue. I'm calling out series titles with the
>"letter only" format "Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, V Gundam,
>Gundam W", and where possible, inserting the actual
>Greek symbols on my Web site...

  Yep, but as we've discussed, this doesn't work where you can't use
fonts (i.e. in drop-down navigation menus). Being lazy, I'll standardize
on spelling them out and maybe throw in the Greek letters for special

>I'd ALMOST put these on the same tier as spellings
>seen in the anime, but #2 sounds find to me. Speaking
>of which, I'm still waiting to see how the
>Kaempfer/Kampfer issue turns out... I've kinda started
>to adore that little "e" in the middle. ;)

  Looks like the opted for a-with-an-umlaut, which would be ASCII-fied as

>And many Japanese fans don't seem to know that he was
>supposed to be named after an actual French woman by
>the same first name. I get a lot of "corrections"
>about the Camille/Kamiyu issue from Japanese fans.

  Wish me luck with Sunrise on this one! ;-)

>Thank god! Oh, and just a thought that occured to me
>recently, concerning Quattro's name. "Quatro" is
>"four" in Spanish... and Quattro Vageena is the fourth
>name used by the guy (Caspar Rem Daikun, Edward Mass,
>Char Aznable, then Quattro Vageena)

  Yep, that's the hidden pun.

>So I guess that also means Sandra and Mindra?

  At least as per Gundam Mechanics...

>I've never liked this spelling. Try saying
>"el-pe-o-play" real fast three times. "El-pe-ploo"
>comes out MUCH easier.

  And I wonder how they'll handle having her run around shrieking "Ple
Ple Ple Ple!"

>> Birknau (Technically a real word, but in
>> poor taste IMO)
>What's it mean?

  It's the only mobile armor named after a concentration camp. :-\

Dafydd sez,

>"A petty consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds!" -- Oscar Wilde

  I thought it was Ralph Waldo Emerson, but maybe that's the point. ;-)

>Which leaves Gundam X as th eonly single letter that doesn't stand for

  And G Gundam, I think. Sure you get the God Gundam later in the series,
but I don't think that's the intended reading... more like "Gundam the
Gundam," from what I've read.

>I thin "Bidan" is wrong, too. I've always favored "Vidan" -- it works
>better in tandem with Rosamia's name, which we'll get to in a moment.

  Hey, if they want "Bidan" they can have it... there's no particular
reason to favor one over the other in this case.

>I have a hard time with that one, considering that "Yuri" or even
"Yurie" is a
>valid name in both Japanese and Russian.

  Sure, but I think Fa is supposed to be of Chinese descent.

>You can argue Romanizations of Chinese names even more than Japanese ones, as
>there's no alphabet and three different schools of transliteration --
>(British interpetation of Mandarin), Pinyin (Russian/Cyrillic interpretation
>mapped to Latin) and Yale (a pedagogical system particularly suited to native
>English speakers and, incidentally, the most widely used in the Republic of
>China in teaching Chinese to same). That being said, I believe that "Li" is
>generally considered more accurate than "Lee" in representing the Chinese

  Hm, something to consider.

>Again, matching it to a real name, I used "Vadim" after French film director
>Roger Vadim (1928-2000, most famous for AND GOD CREATED WOMAN, 1956, and
>BARBARELLA, 1968) -- Rosamia certainly appears to be modeled on Vadim's
>leading ladies Catherine Deneuve, Brigit Bardot and Jane Fonda. It also
>well with "Vidan" and a name of confusing similarity, a plot point in Zeta

  I dunno - I don't think anyone ever remarks on such a similarity, so I
wouldn't want to go out of my way to create one...

>The first names are no problem, but "Ashita" seems a better choice --
it's not
>only Japanese but means "tomorrow"!

  Yeah, but it's probably best not to have a hero with a four-letter word
embedded in his name. ;-)

>I think that the terminal O need not be considered. We have "Edward"
>(e-du-wa-a-do) and "Milliard" (mi-ri-a-a-do) as precedents

  In general, it's the terminal "u" that's droppable. T and D are an
exception, since their "u" forms are read as "tsu/dzu", and so in this
case "to/do" is used for naked consonants. Hence "atom" becomes "atomu,"
but "pilot" becomes "pairotto." N is yet another exception - there's a
kana character that represents the naked consonant, so "pen" is written
"pen" rather than "penu" or "peno."

  The point? If they'd intended to drop the trailing vowel in this case,
they could have done so by writing her name "bian." If they'd used
"biano" instead, the final "o" would have been inserted deliberately. In
this case, they used both - "bian'no" - so the terminal "o" is pretty
much inescapable.

>I still prefer "Beecher" and "Emily" -- but then I have this thing about
>matching real world names.

  I'd think that, if they'd meant it to be "Emily," they would have
written it with a "mi" rather than a "ma."

>The first time I saw it this way, I was struck by the similarity to Nazi
>prison camp doctor Josef Mingele (1899-1979, medical chief at Auschwitz
>-Birkenau, 1943).

  Yes, but only because they spelled it that way. The kana are "migeru,"
without an "n," which doesn't support this comparison.

>The former may be "Khufu" -- an Egyptian pharaoh. "Salomon" is better
>known as Solomon in the English-speaking world, but is the correct Hebrew

  Interesting. And since it's written as "saromon" in katakana, rather
than "soromon" like the asteroid fortress, this distinction is clearly

>I prefer "Chronicle" but only because it's a real word. Have I mentioned my
>fondness for real words?

  Yes, but sometimes made-up ones are a bit less, well, distracting. ;-)

-- Mark

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