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>To anyone and everyone who keeps up with the import
>Gundam book & comic scene...
>I managed to get my hands on a copy of Gundam
>Character Encyclopedia the other day, and inside I
>found an advertisement insert for other Dengeki
>products. Among them were a nice list of comics, many
>of which I'm searching for:
>New MS Senki (by Kondo)
>Side Story of Z Gundam (by Kondo)
>MS Generation
>Moon Crisis
>Silhouette F91
>Go! Go! Our V Gundam! (contains the infamous "Acguy
>Fight" spoof of G Gundam, the cover shows Marvette
>with really big... umm... "attributes")
>Here's Double Zeta-kun 2!
>I know all of these HAD been out of print for a long
>time... does this mean that they're back in print

Most of these have been reissued by Dengeki after Bandai's publishing
division folded. I think the only recent reissue was the SD Double
Zeta-kun, the others have been reissued for some time already. With
different covers in many cases, of course.


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