Franz Co (
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 05:40:48 -0500 (EST)

I totally agree with most of the points here. I would definitely want to
see more 0080 and 0083 suits, my choices would be the GM Sniper II and or
the Zaku Kai (I am more inclined to believe that the Zaku FZ would be
relesed in HGUC form first). For 0083, we need to see the GP03 Stamen, the
Gerbera would probably be HGUc first. The Hyaku-Shiki should definitley see
MG status, lets hope Bandai decides to do it next this year or next.
There are rumors that the Seninel suits will finally see MG form this year
(after last years FA-10S wc has parts for the FA-10B from Sentinel). I'm
betting on the Zeta-plus C1 since it can be easily derived from the old
Zeta. Ditto for CCA's ReGZ since it too is a Zeta based (though non
I dont think we'll be seeing any V suits soon as theyre quite small, we'll
probably have to wait for a while. If and when they do release the smaller
gundams, I think that the F91 will be first.

P.S. Im hoping that Bandai "milks" the Gouf as much as thae Zaku so we can
see some of the other MSV suits as well as the other Goufs from 08th MS.

I want a PG GM.

Marcel Tualla<> wrote:

>Now that Bandai's fulfilled my wish of an MG MS-18E and
>the MSN-04 Sazabi (thier both awsome!). I would like to
>throw in some suggestions for the next round of MGs.
>1) More MSs from 0080 like the MSM-03C HygogMS-06FZ Zaku
>evan better that Dom from that series.
>2) More MSs from the 0083 series like the MS-09F Drom Troopen.
>Or the Gelgoog (Chima's custom verion to please!). Or even >better
>yet (please Bandai please...) the ever sooo cool Gundam in a >Zeon
>coat, the Gerabera Tetra!!!
>3) The Gaplant and the Hi-Shiki (sp?) from Z Gundam.
>4) Continuing from Char's Counter Attack the RGZ-91 the >redesinged Zeta.
>Both sets of the Jagd-Doga and that weapons loaded Geara-Doga.
>5) How about an MG from the Sentinals. Like the MSZ-006C1 Zeta >plus.
>or that awsome looking ORX-013 MK-V!
>6) Ya know I would mind seeing the V or the V2 form Victory >Gundam.
>Think of the versions that could be released, especially the >Assault
>7) Finally how about a nice retooling of the F-91?
>So if any one has any other suggestions or even better yet >knows what
Bandai has
>in the work for future MGs releases please let us know!



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