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> What materials are you using,cuz' I'm scratch building a 1/30 Zeta

Right now I'm finishing up the framework for one of the 2 main cannons. The
framework for these is made out of bar-stock styrene, that is mortared
together, and the glued. I'm planning on using thick sheet styrene for the
exterior shell. The places where I'm setting the screws to hold the whole
thing together will have a brass fitting slipped over it to keep the styrene
from stripping out.(in other words, a small clip made of u-channel brass,
that the screw secures too.)

I also have some pieces of the clear green plastic trees that came with
various models that I have melted down and plan on cuttin out my eyes from.
I have a 9 volt battery system I'm going to install, that will power a number
of LED's so the Gundams Eyes will light up, and I'm thinking about making the
collector wings out of clear styrene or plexiglass and painting them with a
transparent water based paint I have. That way I can install lights in them,
and make them glow, like the collector wings do when charging.

All in all, I'm having way to much fun designing this model, much more than
I've had in a number of years at any rate. I've already figured out how to
articulate most of the joints, and the hands and fingers are the only
intimidating part of the whole project. I want them to be articulated, but
it's going to take a lot of work to make them grip when they bend. A friend
of mine who make dolls for her kids has suggested that I might be able to
find doll armatures small enough to work for them, so that's what I'm going
to be looking into in a couple weeks, when I get a little closer to that part
of the project.

Grey Wolfie

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