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I just got the kampfer last night. People, buy it. It is very much worth
it, though it still has a problem about the sabers.

preliminary views about it:

it has better proportions than the old 1/144 kit. It also looks utterly
menacing. The shoulder structure was actually complicated. All around, it
is a perfect kit. EXCEPT!

The knee joint. it uses a system similar to the Turn A knees, where one
part is like a t frame of thin really feels FRAGILE. I am
willing to bet that it is probably the weakest point of the kit....which is
bad, because the kampfer has no skirt, and therefore is naturally more

The Chain mine (Ketten Mine) Is VERY impressive when assembled...What can I
say, I am totally blown away by the kit. it makes all the other MG Zeon
kits so far look....tame. Even the Sazabi. It just simply looks like it
can do what it's supposed to do.

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What are you talking about the Kampher or the Nu Gundam? Also what would
Nieu Ziel be doing in the background of either one? it is from 0083 not
or CCA?


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