Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:44:19 EST

Hey, all,

I've decided to inflict a rather unique task upon myself.

I making a 1/24 scale Gundam Double X GX-9901 from scratch. I have a number
of models of the GX-9901, and a lot of experience with scratch building. My
plan is that the model's exterior shell will be attached to an interior
framework with small screw, so I can open it up, and see the detail inside.

The problem I have is the detail inside. I have never seen any pictures of
the interior of the GX-9901 anywhere, but would like to have things like
working pistons, and flexible tubing, as well as support struts and the like.
 I don't have any PG models, but I've seen a couple that had great detail.

Any ideas on where I can find the details for this project, or, lacking
details for the GX-9901, which Gundam I should base the interior off of.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Grey Wolfie

AIM: grywolfgls
ICQ: 35106067

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