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Sun, 21 Jan 2001 15:29:05 -0600

Why stop at Psycho why not Big Zam (sp?) HA HA HA HA HA!

Loran Seakku wrote:

> >I dont think the gelgoog is popular enough to warrant it... I think we'll se
> >a tallgeese first...
> I REALLY hope not. Anyway, what we need is a rival suit for the Z, but
> all the possible choices are REALLY huge MSs. The O is the first rival
> choice, but it's very large, bulky, dense and would have some wierd
> mechanisms for the sub arms. Plus it doesn't have many weapons. Quebeley
> maybe, but also... really big, especially the shoulders, but it'd be a
> nice PG to see. Also, Messala, giant ass mobile armor... so no, Psycho
> well... obviously not... There really are no good suits that would fit a
> 1/60 scale that could rival the Z. I still think we need a PG GM to rival
> Zaku II.
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