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i dont think they should creat a whole new GM PG kit. i think they should
just make
a kit that has the GM body armor and a new core system and a new head. maybe
new guns.

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> so okay, if we're getting a little out there with our PG selections why
not that
> awsome Zeon MS the NZ-000 Queen Mantha (sp? -or is that the Monthra from
> Godzilla -hehe), from ZZ Gundam. Now that would be cool! Its bigger than
the "O."
> And as large as the Pycho Gundam (maybe 1 meter shorter), but WAY COOLER
> looking.
> But the MOTHER of all PG's I would give up close family members,
> small pet animals and body parts for would be a PG AMX-002 Nue-Ziel!!!!
Now that
> would
> ROCK MY WORLD!!! and to further this fantasy a PG RX-78PG03 Dendrobium
> (sp?).
> OUCH!!!
> Personally I don't think that Bandai would ever release a Mobile Armour in
PG or
> even MG.
> But if they were to do one I would like to see the MA-06 (name?) from
> In all seriousness though I still think the RX-178 is still in the running
> next PG. It's a
> popular MS from a popular series. And think of the versions Bandai could
> released. A Titans
> version, and may be even a Super Gundam version. WOW!
> I would also have to a agree to a OYW version of a GM to compliment the
> And though
> that maybe a boring choice it would be nice. The GM's in the Gundam saga
> always been
> neglected model wise (except for the 0080 GMs), just look how many
versions of
> Zaks they've produced.
> And still a PG Tallgeese is still also up there. I need some thing to
fight my PG
> Wing
> ("Feel the hot led from my Dober Gun Hero! there's no way your going to
try to
> pork my lil sis Relina...!!! ")
> <(^_^)>
> Marel
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