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Sun, 21 Jan 2001 13:04:08 -0500

Now that Bandai's fulfilled my wish of an MG MS-18E and
the MSN-04 Sazabi (thier both awsome!). I would like to
throw in some suggestions for the next round of MGs.

1) More MSs from 0080 like the MSM-03C HygogMS-06FZ Zaku
    evan better that Dom from that series.

2) More MSs from the 0083 series like the MS-09F Drom Troopen.
    Or the Gelgoog (Chima's custom verion to please!). Or even better
    yet (please Bandai please...) the ever sooo cool Gundam in a Zeon
    coat, the Gerabera Tetra!!!

3) The Gaplant and the Hi-Shiki (sp?) from Z Gundam.

4) Continuing from Char's Counter Attack the RGZ-91 the redesinged Zeta.
    Both sets of the Jagd-Doga and that weapons loaded Geara-Doga.

5) How about an MG from the Sentinals. Like the MSZ-006C1 Zeta plus.
     or that awsome looking ORX-013 MK-V!

6) Ya know I would mind seeing the V or the V2 form Victory Gundam.
    Think of the versions that could be released, especially the Assault version

7) Finally how about a nice retooling of the F-91?

So if any one has any other suggestions or even better yet knows what Bandai has
in the work for future MGs releases please let us know!



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